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First off-line products of Sineva Hefei Daily 5th Nov, 2014

•An off-line products ceremony was hold in Hefei Sineva on 4th Nov, 2014. The  Lord Mayor of Hefei Mr.Zhang Qingjun, President of BOE Mr. Wang Dongsheng, Associate of Director of Development and Reform Commission (DRC) Mr.Wu Jinsong ,deputy mayor Mr. Wang Xiang and President of Hefei Sineva Mr. Wang Yanjun have appaared in this event.
•Hefei Sineva which locates in Xinzhan district has established in July 2013. It is the first orgnazation to offer clean transfer robots for TCT-LCD industry in China.Products of generation one offer clean transfer robots for semiconductor industry,test robots and intelligent factory (IF) solutions.Besides,we aim to construct an integrate intelligent equipment industry base.Sineva`s transfer robots achieve a world-leading technical qualification for moving glass panel(such as : size, weight, speed and positionaI accuracy etc)to fully meet high generation TFT-LCD production line`s requests.
•Mr. Wang Yanjun states that,we are filled with a great vision “to be a world-leading company of intelligent machine”and we persist core value of “making progress through innovation ,managing the enterprise with integrity and pursuing excellence”.According to these beliefs, we are confident to offer various and competitive products and solutions, we  will create more value for customers through our brilliant quality and service as well.We believe that with the support of Hefei government , we will take this oppurtunity of intelligent machine`s development and promote the improvement of intelligent manufactory industry in Hefei.
•It is acknowledged that Sineva`s robot product makes a great sence in China`s intelligent manufacturing field and fills the blank of the robot controlling technology for the TCT-LCD industry in China. The progress will make a substain step of the intelligent manufacturing field to byond the world level and support the development of the optical and sensing, and artificial intelligence technologies.