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China Intelligent Manufactory Federation of IT Promotion


    23th  Apr, 2015, China Intelligent Manufactory Federation of IT Promotion was formally established through Inspur Group associate with National CIMS Engineering Research Center,Institute of Automation Chinese Academy Sciences,China Aerospace Science and Technology Coporation,Beijing Shenzhou Aerospace Software Techonology Co., Ltd.and Automatic Identification Manufacture Association of China etc.This Association works on construct a result industrialization application promotion joint organization and a coporation innovation platform to forward the progress of national intelligent manufactory industry.

    Inspur Group`s Executive Mr.Wang xingshan suggests that as for the biggest domestic enterprise managment software supplier,they would inherit and carry forward their experience and advantages of servicing medium to large size enterprises over 30 years to meet the challenge which bring from “Internet +”and hold the opportunity in 2025 through utilise cloud computing,big data and Internet of things. According to these technology,they combine cloud application mode as the main direction to achieve intelligent manufacturing , to accelerate the pace of enterprise cloud landing,to promote enterprises internetize,and to become China's leading solutions supplier for intelligent manufacturing.