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Internet technology would be a pushing hand of intelligent manufacturing 22nd July 2015


On 22nd July 2015, leaders of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIT) suggestted in China Internet Conference forum that promoting the combination of internet and industrialization, through a push hand of intelligent manufacturing project to advance intelligentialize and networking development.Development and Reform Commission shows that they will focus on the Internet + and relative areas, to promote innovative enterprise development, and support financial institutions to increase the Internet + project investment.

Besides, MIT has disclose 46 sample projects on their website. They shows that the manufacture industry in China is facing a challenge as well as an opportunity which bring from the revolusion of IT ,new energy and new material etc. The sample flat of Aerospace products intelligent cloud manufacture is Beijing Aero intelligent manufacturing Co.,Ltd.; sample flat of Intelligent medical imaging equipment is Neusoft;Traditional Chinese medicine production intelligent sample factory is Kanion Pharmaceutical.

Redently,internet, cloud computing , internet of things and big data has wildly changed our life style, this push organizations has also attended into this revolution. In addition, with the government`s high concentration of “internet +”China is now sufferring a internet transfermation and revolution,Information technology, cloud platform has become a new driving force of economic and social transformation.

Listed companies contribute actively to construct new business for China intelligent manufacturing. 21st July, a event“UniEAP & SaCa”was hold in Shanghai. It is acknowledge that Neusoft`s platform producs have almost 1 billion customers in more than a dozen industries. This is helpful for china intelligent manufacturing transformation and upgrading, enhancement of efficiency ,service management ,utilise of big data and increasement of cooperation and innovation.

The biggest domestic traditional Chinese medicine extraction and purification plant which runned by Kanion Pharmaceutical has fully commissioning in June. Mr.Zhang Boli from the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) said that Kanion Pharmaceutical`s intelligent manufacturing techonology has built the stardard for morden Chinese medicine quality specification , and ensure the quality and stability of Chinese medicine as well as its safety and effectiveness. It not only provide a research path for the improvement of the overall quality control of Chinese medicine industry, but also further promote the internationalization of Chinese medicine.