Test Robot

        Circuit Open/Short Test robot, is widely used in FPD and PCB industry, which can detect open and short of circuits through non-contact electrical method.

        Hefei Sineva developed manufacture of OS-test robot firstly in China, whose design level, machining precision and assembly accuracy are all achieved international top level. Single axis moving speed of 800mm/s, repeatable positioning accuracy of 0.005mm, and the gap between sensor and glass is less than 100um. The equipment can finish test of 2500mm x 2200mm one time, minimum width of the test is 2um, and the distance between adjacent electronic lines can be 28um.

        The equipment adopts non-contact detection technology of high speed and high resolution. Because of non-contact to the object substrate, probe is not needed, which is possible to avoid substrate scratch and dust impact on detection. By using Sineva’s OS-Test robot, detection adverse can be improved from 3.65% to 90.91%, and product yield can be increase to about 99%.