Hefei Sineva Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd., was founded by    Beijing Sineva Technology Co., Ltd.  in July 2013, and put into operation in September 2014. The company is located in Xinzhan Comprehensive Development Zone, Hefei City, Anhui Province. Main business of the company is R&D, manufacturing and sales of transfer robots, test robots, service robots and intelligent factory solutions.

        Total investment of the company is 2 billion RMB, with total area of  120 acres and construction area of 80 thousand square meters. There are R&D center and assembly plant in the company, with strong abilities in R&D and manufacturing of robot and intelligent equipment.

       The company attaches importance to technological development and product innovation, and established strategic cooperative relations with the world’s leading enterprises and research institutes. Hefei Sineva is the first company to achieve domestic manufacturing of clean transfer robots and OS-test robot in China. Meanwhile, intelligent factory is developed in Hefei Sineva, who can provide AOI, Index, standard CIM System, and Intelligent Retrieval System, Auto Packing System, etc.

        Hefei Sineva has passed the certification of "Hefei Enterprise Technology Center" and "2015 Hefei Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise", with good development prospects.